An unexpected childhood taste


With its quaint and glazed front window, MINH’s is not trendy like other vietnamese restaurants that you can find in Shoreditch. Actually, located in Plaistow (London borough of Newham), it is modeled on its area : common and genuine. If needed, a local pub could quench your thirst after eating.

MINH’s doesn’t use to get a full house. Good for you because I have found the rare gem in East London where to eat an authentic vietnamese cuisine.

Go back to the good old days in only one bite

Since I left France and my family, I have been seeking what I appreciated when I was a little girl : my parents’ cooking. I wasn’t aware how lucky I was to eat fresh “Fried Spring Rolls” (chả giò / nem rán) until the day I settled in London.

So, I had some chicken & prawn Fried Spring Rolls (unfortunately, they don’t suggest the pork ones). I have found again that crispness of the rice cake. In my opinion, that’s the only one that each vietnamese restaurant should use ! Not forgetting the large meltingly soft filling, sparing you to chew oil taste at each bite. A delicacy !


No comparison with a similar starter called “Egg Rolls“, please forget all those ones that you have ever eaten thinking they might be “Fried Spring Rolls”. In France, it is usually called : “Nems” (from vietnamese language) but this is another story. In a nutshell, the Londoner Taste of Vietnam at MINH’s matches with I used to taste.

A stunning homemade Pho

In France, it is rare to find Chefs originally from Vietnam cooking vietnamese food. In Strasbourg (Alsace), I had a nice Pho but it could not be compared with the one that I tasted at MINH’s.

Between us, I always order a “Pho” and this, whatever the season. In Vietnam, it is the national dish consumed at any time of day and it seems it would be inspired from the french speciality “Pot au feu”.

So, I had a flat noodle beef broth soup with slices of rare Beef (Phở bò), which under the warm broth, become medium rare. Much to my surprise, before to add lemon, herbs and soy (nope, no chilli 😛 forgive me), my bowl released a lovely scented aroma, making me licking my lips.


That means for me that the broth has been stewed in that good old homemade way ! My taste buds felt good like James Brown. How is it possible for my childhood taste to be come up now ? Dad ? Mum ? Is it you in the kitchen ?!

A must see restaurant !

In conclusion, my mind travelled through time to my parents’ dining table. That was the impression I had. Sadly the bill reminded me that I was at MINH’s.

Thus this vietnamese restaurant cooks one of the best Pho that I have ever eaten. This by far from what I know. Next time, I will try their “Iced Vietnamese Coffee” (Cà phê sữa đá) or a “Baguette” (Bánh mì) to complete “my” Taste of Vietnam.

Thank you to the staff and to the Chef(s), you guys made my day ! And if you plan to cook a “Super Bowl Pho” … Dibs !

So, if you are a Londoner or plan to come soon, go at MINH’s ! It is a must see vietnamese restaurant !

Bon appétit !



£ :  around £18

(Starter/main dish/drink)




  • DISTRICT LINE : Plaistow Station + 241 Bus (to Canning Town, Barking Road)
  • => ESK ROAD Stop

          Or 17 min. a walk

  • DLR : Canning Town Station + Buses (5 to Romford Market / 115 to East Ham – Central Park / 300 to East Ham Station / 330 to Wandstead Park Station)

          Or 20 min. a walk





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